Åre mountain lodge



A winter sports holiday in Åre does not stop with skiing alone. There is so much more, and that is what makes Åre such a unique winter sports area. There is a wide range of options for every winter sports enthusiast; in ski areas ranging from children who gain their first skiing experience to heliski thrill seekers. Or from cross-country skiers who want to go on long hikes to those who want to relax and enjoy the impressive nature on a snowmobile or dog sled.
Added to this by the combination of trendy boutiques and shops, the culinary delights in the various atmospheric restaurants and the vibrant nightlife, Åre is also called “little Stockholm” throughout Scandinavia.

It is not for nothing that Åre, traditionally a luxury spa, has been named one of the five Leading Mountain Resorts of the World by the leading traveler magazine Condé Nast. leadingmountainresorts.com


Åre Mountain Lodge
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