åre mountain lodge

To Travel

Via Trondheim (Vaernes) Airport

KLM has a number of direct flights daily from Amsterdam / Schiphol, www.klm.com. Then a transfer from Vaernes to Åre, via:

Transferbus/ flight taxi

By transfer bus / flygtaxi following Saturday flights (KL1173 / KL1174), http://www.flygtaxi.se/ products / transfer / are /
trondheim /

Rental car Airport

Rental car in Vaernes.


By train, first from Vaernes to Hell Station (± 2min) and then from Hell directly to Åre (± 2hrs. And ± € 20 per person). For more train travel information, see www.nsb.no


We recommend ordering a Swedish taxi bus per taxi bus (± € 200,- at Taxi Åredalen, tel. + 4664720444)

Via Stockholm

(www.skavsta.se of www.arlanda.se). Thereafter:

Domestic flight

A domestic flight to Åre / Östersund airport (http://www.swedavia.se/ en/Are-Ostersund) and then a transfer to Åre or via rental car (http://www.swedavia.se/ and / Are-Ostersund / Traveler-information / Get-to-and-from-the-airport /)

(Night) Train

(night) train to Åre Station (http://www.sj.se or www.veolia-transport.se). During the winter season, the night train sometimes even has a party wagon with a bar and disco to get you in
the mood…

Location Åre Mountain Lodge

The Åre Mountain Lodge is located in Åre Björnen, about 5 km from the center of Åre. Åre Björnen has its own small shopping area with a supermarket, ski shop and restaurant and the ski bus goes to the center of Åre from early in the morning to late at night. Regarding renting a taxi, Taxi Åredalen, tel. +4664720444.

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